Roll Up the River for Big Lake of the Ozarks Bass By John Neporadny Jr.

Roll Up the River for Big Lake of the Ozarks Bass   By John Neporadny Jr. With heavy fishing pressure expected on Lake of the Ozarks in the fall, Wayne Fitzpatrick knows avoiding the pressure is a key to winning autumn tournaments. “The majority of (tournament) fishermen stay on what I consider the big part […]

Smallmouth Pictures

Took a trip to a local lake with Elite Series Angler Casey Scanlon. Here are some photos. We caught most of our fish on the Ned Rig. 1/16th ounce mushroom head with a Z-Man ZinkerZ.                                         […]

Brent Chapman Off Season Workout Video

True Image Promotions

As many of you know, I’ve started a second job.  I’m working with True Image Promotions.  I’ve actually been working with them for three months and really enjoy it.  Tom Leogrande is the owner.  He works with guys such as Brent Chapman, Aaron Martens, Randy Howell, David Dudley and many more. Basically, what I do […]

New Website: Exercise Therapy of Kansas City

I just built a new website for my business. Take a look: Pass the word around, especially if you know some one with chronic pain.  I could help. Thanks,   Travis Perret    

Ned Kehde and Travis Perret at LaCygne Lake

January 15 Log On Jan. 12 and 13 Clyde Holscher of Topeka, Kansas, and Dave Weroha of Kansas City reported on the Finesse News Network that the ice was off of the reservoirs that lie along the Interstate Highway 70 corridor between Topeka and Kansas City. And upon reading that report, choruses of glee and […]

Fishing With Stacey King and the Jika Rig

I had a chance to fish with Stacey King on Table Rock a couple weeks ago.  Ned Kehde of In-Fisherman wrote about it on his blog:    

100 Bass, Can you Catch them? A article

A finesse technique that many northeastern Kansas anglers utilize is beginning to spread throughout the country.  The roots stretch back to the methods used by the late Chuck Woods of Kansas City, who created the Beetle, Beetle Spin and Puddle Jumper. It is not the typical drag your bait on the bottom type of finesse […]

Fishing Fitness with Brent Chapman

10/18/2011 – Story by Dan O’Sullivan photos courtesy Travis Perret Brent Chapman has made a name for himself on the Bassmaster Elite Series. The 10-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier has become one of the more consistent anglers on tour the last several seasons. In fact, when the 2012 Bassmaster Classic kicks off in Shreveport, La. next […]

Fishing With Brent Chapman

A couple of weeks ago I went to Rogers Sporting Goods and saw Brent Chapman do a fishing seminar about Tightlines UV fishing products and Eagle Claw Fishing products.  After the seminar I had the chance to talk with him. I mentioned that I owned a business that helped people with chronic pain or helped […]