Roll Up the River for Big Lake of the Ozarks Bass By John Neporadny Jr.

Roll Up the River for Big Lake of the Ozarks Bass   By John Neporadny Jr. With heavy fishing pressure expected on Lake of the Ozarks in the fall, Wayne Fitzpatrick knows avoiding the pressure is a key to winning autumn tournaments. “The majority of (tournament) fishermen stay on what I consider the big part […]

Best Lures For Lake of the Ozarks Night Bassin’ by John Neporadny Jr.

Best Lures For Lake of the Ozarks Night Bassin’   by John Neporadny Jr. As the searing summer sun heats up the water, bass relax in the cooler realm of deep water or the shade of heavy cover.  Since the fish become reluctant to leave this cool domain during the heat of the day, you are limited to […]

Lake of the Ozarks Bassin’ . . . Away From The Crowds by John Neporadny Jr.

Lake of the Ozarks Bassin’ . . . Away From The Crowds by John Neporadny Jr. While the main lake rocked and rolled with pleasure boat and personal watercraft traffic, I retreated to the calm waters of a Lake of the Ozarks feeder creek on this hot, sunny summer afternoon. Pitching a plastic worm into […]

Kickboat Fishing, The Alternative Bass Boat would like to welcome Nathan Parker of Oklahoma to our writing staff. He is a school teacher with a passion for fishing. We are happy to have him writing for us and look forward to reading his product comparisons and fishing experiences. Don’t forget to enter your email into the website update area to receive […]

What Has Happened To Perry Lake?

Ned Kehde wrote this and sent it out to a number of anglers.  It has some great insight into why or why not a lake can be good or bad.  He also hits on the cycle a lake can go through with good and bad fishing. On our Oct. 3 outing, Steve Desch of Topeka, Kansas, and […]

Knee Pain? Bone on Bone? Check This Out:

This blog was written by a fellow exercise therapist who owns The Egoscue Method of Austin.  The x-rays are from my client who I worked with to help repair his knee.  Great article Rick! Written by Rick Mathes of The Egoscue Method of Austin: I mentioned in my last blog post that I had something […]

Balanced By D.M. Zumbaugh

Do you realize that your sense of balance is essential for your very survival? Any deficiencies within your skeletal, muscular or nervous system components for equilibrium can seriously impact your ability to even walk! Humans are unique in the animal kingdom by being bi-pedal. Our spinally erect posture is essentially an anti-gravity staff. Thus, people have evolved novel vertical […]

Who Wants Free Tungsten Weights?

If you said yes, then listen to the details of this contest. Eco Pro Tungsten has announced a new contest that started today and runs through the end of April.  It involves the Facebook page and is going to give one angler a year’s worth of tungsten weights. In addition to the 20 packs of […]

On the Air 610 Sports; ShowMe The Outdoors

I just got invited to be on “ShowMe The Outdoors” with Terry Acton on 610 AM radio in Kansas City.  My interview will be aired at 7:00 am on Saturday November 5th, 2011.  Be sure to listen! We will be talking about chronic pain and the outdoors.

TBF State Team Qualifier Fishing Details on Wilson Lake, KS

The TBF State Qualifier was on Wilson Lake August 27th and 28th.  The top 12 anglers qualify for the state team.  Next June those anglers will participate in the divisional tournament, which will be in Louisiana.  They do not announce which lake until November. From the divisional you have a chance to make the national […]