Cheap Fluorocarbon Comparison: Sunline Super vs. Seagaur Red Label By: Nathan Parker

Cheap Fluorocarbon Comparison: Sunline Super vs. Seagaur Red Label. By: Nathan Parker I was late to get on the fluorocarbon bandwagon. It’s expensive. It looks like mono. I’m cheap. I use braid with a fluoro leader on my spinning rods, and that has been pretty economical for me. But on my baitcasters, I didn’t like […]

Football Shaky Heads, Part 1 By Nathan Parker

Football Shaky Heads, Part 1 By Nathan Parker Summertime can be a veritable bass fishing feast, schooling fish wolf down flukes like candy. Clouds can mean all-day top water action. The morning bite is good enough you don’t mind waking up at 4:00am to drive to the water. You can hit the twilight bite right […]

The Forgotten Idiot By Nathan Parker

The Forgotten Idiot By: Nathan Parker If the owner of this website weren’t a good guy, I’d be hoping you weren’t reading this article. In fact, since you’ve clicked on the link now and it’s gone on his hit counter, why don’t you just go ahead and navigate somewhere else. It’ll be a boring read […]

Powerpro vs. Berkley Nanofil vs. Sufix 832 Review

Powerpro vs. Berkley Nanofil vs. 832 Superline Test By Nathan Parker Don’t forget to enter you email address in the website update area to get notified when we post new material. Your email will not be used for spam. I set out last fall to spend some time testing out various light, thin superlines on […]

Rapala Shad Rap RS04 Review

Product Review: Rapala Shad Rap RS04 By Nathan Parker Shad raps are no secret. They’ve been around for decades. People were catching fish of all species on them when I was in diapers. I LOVE those original balsa Shad Raps in the spring, especially the #5 in a craw pattern. But recently, I was introduced […]

Casey Scanlon Talks Luck-E-Strike

I took this video of Elite Series angler Casey Scanlon at the Bassmaster Classic. He talks about Bass Magic from Luck-E-Strike and how they can be used for the umbrella rig. You can purchase these from Tackle Warehouse. Just enter Bass Magic in the search box.    

Add A Buzz Blade by Justin Hires

Have you ever wanted to add a buzz blade to a frog, swimbait, soft plastic or some other lure? Well has what you’re looking for! This lure company has developed just that with the Buzz Kill’r quick clip buzz blade. The quick clip is positioned at the rear of the blade for quick and […]

The Best Fishing Line on the Market: Toray

New Pro Products VT-2 Ventilation

This post comes from fisherman Justin Hires   If you are interested in keeping your catch alive and healthy, you owe it to yourself to check out New Pro Products has a ventilation system called the VT-2 that you install into your livewell lids. This ventilation system will remove heat build-up, metabolic gases, and […]

New Z-Man Baits at Tackle Warehouse

Tackle Warehouse is now selling the new Z-Man baits.  Post in the comment section if you have used them yet and what you thought.   Palmetto BugZ   Hula StickZ FattyZ   Click here to be directed to Tackle Warehouse.  Enter Z-Man in the search box.