There were two goals in mind when creating Felix Fishing.  One was to have a place where fisherman can go to read about fishing.  The other was to have a place where fisherman with chronic pain could go to find help for their chronic pains.

Felix Fishing wants you to be a better fisherman.  We also want to give you a place where you can get info about chronic pain and fitness that is specific to the sport of fishing.

For 15 years I have worked on people who have chronic pain.  I have seen clients with so much pain they could not walk and after working with me they were able to run.

Society as a whole is becoming more aware of chronic pain issues.  These issues are crossing over to the fishing world. Professional fisherman like Brent Chapman are realizing that when they work out they feel better.  When they feel better the fish better.

Whether you are a weekend angler with shoulder pain or an elite touring pro with back pain, you will find help on Felixfishing.com. You’ll also find great info about new products, techniques and general fishing info.

Travis Perret