Pain-free Fishing: an Update

Since 2004, I have been writing about my quest and the quests of other anglers to be pain free.

Across these years, we have noticed that the life expectancy in the United States is increasing. In 2004, it was 77.34 years, increasing to 78.4 years in 2012 , and as Americans have aged, more and more of them are afflicted with chronic pain. In fact, “The Journal of Pain,” which is published by the American Pain Society, reported in December of 2014 that 39 million Americans have persistent pain. A 2010 study estimated 60 percent of adults reported having lower back pain and 42 percent of them described their pain as frequent or daily and lasting more than three months. Besides lower back pain, there are millions of Americans who are cursed with neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain. Moreover, persistent pain

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