Powerpro vs. Berkley Nanofil vs. Sufix 832 Review

Powerpro vs. Berkley Nanofil vs. 832 Superline Test

By Nathan Parker

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I set out last fall to spend some time testing out various light, thin superlines on my spinning rods, and the results are in. The lines I tested were 8lb. Berkley Nanofil, 8lb. Powerpro original, and 6lb. Sufix 832 (this line wasn’t available in 8lb at the time). I was looking for a line that was strong, manageable, sensitive, had good consistent knot strength, and cast small, light baits like my grandpa’s potato gun. I found one I liked best, but before I tell you which it is, I’ll give you the relative strengths and weaknesses.

PPSL-1Powerpro 8lb.: This line has been a gold standard in superlines for a while, and there’s good reason for that. Relative to tensile strength, it’s the thinnest traditional braid I’ve seen anywhere. It is nearly impossible to snap, and that made it the strongest of the three in my test. It has a smooth surface at these diameters, so it casts AWESOME. It’s very soft, so I found it to be less abrasion resistant than some, though I never broke off a fish as a result. Its softness also makes it tougher to manage with your fingers while tying knots, but it ties very strong knots once you get the old stumpy digits working properly. Because it is very light in weight, it is more prone than other braids I’ve used to wind knots, so pay careful attention to your line. Still, it’s a nice casting superline that’s sensitive and ties strong knots that won’t come unraveled on you.

BNLV-1Nanofil 8lb.: This line has been touted by many as a magical line for spinning tackle. It is microscopically smooth, so it casts the best of the 3 I tried. You can’t even hear it going through the guides. It is also very sensitive, probably the most sensitive of the 3 I tried (although with near zero stretch on all three, the differences in sensitivity were tough to determine). It is NOT very abrasion resistant at all, so for my rock and stump filled waters, a leader was an absolute must. My biggest beef with this line and the reason it won’t be in regular rotation on my rods was its smoothness made it the toughest of the three to KEEP knots tied with. This one unraveled on me several times at the leader knot, and though others have assured me that if you tie your knots extremely carefully, this shouldn’t happen, it happened too much for me to have a lot of confidence in it. Think of it as a Ferrari engine– if everything is perfect, a Ferrari is a beautiful machine, but it has to be tuned up every 5000 miles. I need more of a workhorse in my line.

S83B-1Sufix 832 6lb.: I’ve already blown my unbiased review to shreds so here it is– this was my favorite of the three. It isn’t as soft as Powerpro, neither as thin, nor as smooth, nor as easy casting as either Powerpro or Nanofil. However, it has slightly more memory than Powerpro though not as much as Nanofil, which made it perfect for tying knots, and it was more abrasion resistant than either of the other lines, both of which I attribute to the Gore-tex fibers in the weave. I haven’t had it come unraveled on me at the knot at all, and my leaders are breaking instead of my knots, which suggests it has pretty good knot strength. It is less buoyant than other braids I’ve used, which was advantageous in drop-shot and deep water applications, and that same traits seemed to make it a little more sensitive on contact lure fishing than the others, but as I said before that’s tough to measure in zero-stretch lines. That relative heaviness also made it less prone to wind-knots than Powerpro. This is a workhorse line– not great at any one thing (except maybe sinking), but more than serviceable in every area. It will be on my spinning reels in years to come.

For those maybe wondering if some braids are better than others but not wanting to drop $60-100 to test it out for yourself, I hope this review sheds some light on the differences between 3 very popular and widely available superlines.

All three lines can be purchase at http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/?from=felix

What is your opinion? Do you agree or disagree with Nathan about superlines. What is your favorite superline and why? 

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