New Pro Products VT-2 Ventilation

This post comes from fisherman Justin Hires


If you are interested in keeping your catch alive and healthy, you owe it to yourself to check out New Pro Products has a ventilation system called the VT-2 that you install into your livewell lids. This ventilation system will remove heat build-up, metabolic gases, and provide fresh air into the livewell.

I have been using these for over four years now in multiple boats. From the very first time I used them, I noticed a huge difference in how lively my fish were at the weigh-in. I also noticed how eager they swam away when released.  I realized for a long time during the hot summer months when I opened my livewell lids the amount of heat that escaped had to be harmful to the fish.  I had also received dead fish penalties in the past. After installing this ventilation system, no longer was there a rush of hot air coming out of the wells. My fish were also very active in the well, when before they were not very lively.

Here are some things I also like about this system: I can hear my aerators running and the fish moving around in the well. This helps me save time fishing and not checking the health of the fish or the operation of the aerators. After a quick install, there is no more cost to it. There are no batteries, tanks to replace or refill and it is maintenance free. They are also very professional looking and will last for years to come!

-Justin Hires

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